Public Limited Company

Company having Limited Liability of its shareholders and it offers its shares to the general public through Initial Public Offerings (IPO) or through trading on Stock Exchange.

Why to register/Benefits:

  • Limited Liability.
  • More Credibility
  • Trading of shares at stock exchange.

Eligibility for Registration?

  • Minimum 7 Shareholders.
  • Minimum 3 Directors
  • Minimum Authorized capital : 5 Lacs

Process of Registration :

  • Obtain DSC
  • Application Form for Name Reservation - Form SPICe + (Part A).
  • Filing of Part B of the Form SPICe +
  • AGILE Pro Form is to be filed along with Form SPICe + to avail Other tax registrations.
  • Issuance of Incorporation Certificate

Cases Completed

100 %

Satisfied Customers

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