Faceless Assessment

What is Faceless Income Tax Assessment?

The system is started by the government as Prime Minister Modi had said that income tax filling and disputes should not require physical contact with any official. So, this scheme was started on 7th October 2019. The department assigned a total of 58,319 cases online, which are not limited to a single jurisdiction. Out of these, 7,116 cases have been disposed off.

How Does the Faceless IT Assessment Work?

National e-Assessment Center, Delhi will be the only governing authority for the faceless IT assessment system. The regional centers of the authority will be in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.

Some Advantages of Faceless Assessment Scheme

The faceless tax assessment has some other benefits on its list. As per the government officials who have researched on the faceless assessment, said that the new assessment scheme will bring relief for the honest taxpayers. In the current assessment scheme, the tax department and officials may take bribery but in the faceless assessment, it would be easier for the honest taxpayers to directly submit their tax returns without even known to whom they are submitting, thus eradicating the chances of bribery
Along with such advantages, multiple people take government machinery as a tool to harass innocent people and by this faceless mechanism, this issue will also be covered.

Process of the Faceless Tax Assessment:

  • National e-Assessment Center will issue the notice
  • Receiving assessee will reply within 15 days
  • The Centre will assign an official for the case in Assessment Unit i. e. Regional Electronic Assessment Center REAC
  • NEAC will then communicate with assessee, verification unit and technical unit
  • They will send all unit information to NEAC
  • NEAC will collect all this information and send it to REAC
  • After examining all the information, REAC will prepare a draft assessment order
  • It will now be sent to NEAC
  • The assessee will be given a chance to defend his case and the fine will be charged

Benefits of Faceless Income Tax Assessment for Taxpayers

Previously, the taxpayers had to visit the departments office for scrutiny, which resulted in an increase in corruption cases, especially in higher number cases. The problem would not have arisen if the transaction could have been settled through a payment. This is where faceless assessment comes in. it is an electric mode through which the assessee does not have to face any official and report his grievance. No need for the official or a tax professional for help, the system is here for you. You can contact the department at your home anytime you want. The assessee will get the response for his query on his registered email id. All the responses will be available online and the need to contact an official will be removed.

The government has employed state-of-the-art digital technology for a risk management system for the assessment. Automated Examination Tool, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning will ensure that there is no human intervention or less interference from the income tax Department. No boundaries, no limit use it anywhere, anytime. The faceless tax assessment will provide more transparency and efficiency to the system. Now that more than 99% of the ITRs are filed online, the system will help in assessing the scrutinized ITRs easily.

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